04 August 2009

Yet More Evidence That "Leet" And "Epic" Are Not Synonymous

So, exciting times in Azeroth last night.

Shaft, our MIA blogger (he says hi, btw), went into Ulduar with Aertimus and Yakra and their usual crew. He came out the other side with this...

Holy. Moses.

Okay, so I already acknowledged that my blogmate (blogbuddy? co-blogger? I dunno.) Moneyx could out-hunter me any day of the week, even with a level 60 pet and a Bouquet of Red Roses equipped. Er, except I think Shaft's roses are black. Anyway. However, this was such a jaw-droppingly stunning reminder of said fact that I nearly whimpered over Vent, where I was eavesdropping on their instance. I do that a lot. I managed to restrain myself, barely, and simply /bowed at his feet.

Fortunately for me, still stuck plowing away in the Caverns of Time leveling my rep with the Keepers, Shaft was more than ready to throw the weight of his new title around on some dragonkin. After listening to me whine about how I couldn't manage to get all the adds and down the Rift Lords in Black Morass, he came down to help.

With two of us (one of us being totally OP), Black Morass fell victim to my voracious appetite for Achievements wicked fast, as you can well imagine.

"But, Feathers!" you say. "Why were you trying to level rep with the Keepers of Time?? Nobody cares about the Keepers of Time anymore! They're Burning Crusade! They're irrelevant and inconsequential!"

This is true. However, there is one thing for which you need to be at least Honored with Keepers of Time, and that is the Key of Time. It used to be that you could only get that at Revered, but like so many other things, it got a hit from the Nerf Bat come Wrath. And, since I'm a child of Wrath (only been playing a year, mates), I had never so much as stepped foot in the Cavern before, like, last week. So I runs Durnholde Keep a couple times, gets Shaft's help with Black Morass, and...

Boom, baby! THE KEYMASTER.

Okay, I understand that Keymaster has got nuthin' on CHAMPION OF ULDUAR. However, it just signified the most important difference (ahem, the most important non-gender difference) between Shaft and Feathers:

Shaft is LEET.

Feathers is EPIC.

Ha. So there, Shaft.


  1. I don't even have keymaster!!! QQ

    I'm glad Money...ir... Shaft... helped you out!

  2. Keymaster is not difficult, just time consuming. You're already likely to have all the right rep, you just need to run around and pick up the keys.