23 August 2009

The Gnome That Hated Me

There is a gnomish questgiver in Stonetalon Mountains. His name is Gaxim Rustfizzle, and he hangs out with this night elf Sentinal chick on the Windshear Crag. He is a jerk. The entire point to his existence is to make my life a nightmare.

"But, Feathers! He doesn't want to make your life a nightmare!! He wants you to go blow up the Venture Co.! Blowing up things is fun!!"

This I know full well, and I adore blowing things up. Which is why in my mid-20s, I'm always eager and looking forward to the opportunity to lay some serious beat-down on those wretched unenvironmentally-friendly deforesters and loggers that occupy like HALF THE ZONE. Seriously, trying to run through there? Which one has to do in order to get to where one needs to go? Nightmare, honestly.

Anyway, in order to facilitate said combustion, Hizzoner Rustfizzle sends you to Ironforge (yes, the other side of the bloody world, I know, I know) to talk to this other gnome jerk in order to get some combustables. Said Ironforge gnome jerk requires you to come back to him with...

Now, when I play on Darkspear and want to level a new hunter (it happens a lot), whenever I get to Stonetalon Mountains and our friend Gaxim, I simply pop on to Big Kia and head for the Auction House to check for the pots there first. I can almost always score the Mana pots. However. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ELIXIRS ON THE AUCTION HOUSE. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

Therefore, my next step is to call on my friendly neighborhood guild alchemist. We've got several. I send him or her (depending on who happens to be online at the time) the mats, he or she gives me the pots. It's quite simple. The pots go in the post office, Kia goes offline, and New Alt logs in with the quest requirements waiting for her (I always play girls, always) in a nice tidy mail package.


Baby Kia does not have the benefit of a friendly neighborhood alchemist, as she is located on a new server. Likewise, being the first roll on said server, she is broke as anything. Ergo, even if she could find the pots on the AH (which she couldn't), she hasn't got the Benjamins, you know what I'm saying?

What to do, what to do? I could try to run around and make friends on New Server with a Friendly Neighborhood Alchemist. This could take a long time, plus Friendly Neighborhood Alchemist is unlikely to want to just give me potions out of the good of his or her heart, savvy? I could just ignore the quests, I suppose. Blasphemy!! I like the blow-up-the-Venturists quests.

Solution! Alt.

Internet, meet Kiamagi, baby mage and journeyman alchemist.

I realize that this might seem to be a radical step, but stick with me. The elixir recipe is at 50, so then the only trouble is finding enough Mageroyal for the Mana pots. I managed it just before dinging level 14. Honestly, the investment of time and questing was worth it to me in order to always be able to blow up Venture Co., no matter how many alts I roll on New Server.

And here's a secret. /Looks around nervously for Hunter Police.

Um. I kinda like playing her. Not as much as a hunter, but well enough that I'm considering maybe taking her a little farther, once Little Kia grows up and goes to live in Northrend. Except, she runs outta mana after, like, two mobs. That gets better eventually, right? Also, she's terrible squishy. I don't think that ever does get better, right?

*Note to self - find unsquishy people to play with before sending Little Magi to Southshore.*

One more note... in case you've never done it, leveling in Westfall at night is CREEPY.

Yeah, the moon is pretty cool, but seriously. All the mobs blend in with the yellow and you fall over them before you know they're there, and when you're only level 12, they hit HARD. Especially those bloody birds. Don't believe me? Take a baby to Westfall at like 3am Your Server Time and come back and tell me you weren't totally freaked out. I'll smile and nod, but I won't believe you. Westfall + night = CREEPY.

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