01 September 2009

In Which Kia Epically Fails

So, I haven't been playing Big Kia very much, having been concentrating on leveling Baby Kia, but I logged on tonight during LOKI's regular raid time so that I can run some Oracle dailies and flirt with the LOKI boys.

(No, not really. I mean, yes, I flirt with the LOKI boys, but not during raid times. At least, not with the ones in the raid. After all, my schtick is to be distractingly cute and so forth, but I'm not stupid, either.)

Anyways, so I runs over to the Basin and starts shooting up Frenzyhearts and so forth. And as I'm running around the Basin, I starts to frown most seriously. Something is amiss.

No Ferocious Inspiration? Hmm. Where's my Kindred Spirits buff? Why isn't the Big Red Condom popping up above my head? What do you mean, I can't go BigAndRed??? I LIVE TO GO BIGANDRED!! WHAT'S THE DEAL, HERE?

I wrap things up and hearth back to Dalaran to repair, because there's something fishy going on and I'm starting to think that it might be more than just a really, really, really laggy server. I'm not killing things nearly as fast as I should be, and I'm taking like serious damage and so is Jake and stuff is breaking on me. And as I'm repairing, going through bags and so forth, an accidental key smash brings up the following image:

Captain, I believe I have tracked down the problem.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY need my WingWoman back. Sigh.

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